Savings & Investments

There will be many reasons you will want to save throughout your life. There are different strategies for growing your wealth and tax planning advantages in utilising certain products. Everyone has different priorities and our job is to assist you in determining what is the best route using what is available to us in the market to achieve your ambitions. 

Whether your goals are short or long term, our advice can help by giving you clear direction on how to maximise your investment both now and when you are ready to use the funds or draw an income from them.

Retirement Planning

When you are approaching your retirement you are likely to have a whole host of questions. Some of those may be:

— Do I have enough to retire on?
— What is the most tax efficient approach to take my pension so I maximise it?
— Should I purchase an annuity to have more guaranteed income or should I draw money from my pension flexibly?
— What’s possible with the pensions I have in place and do they meet my requirements for drawing money flexibly?
— Can I make sure that my family is looked after?

When we advise you it will solve these questions for you. You will have a clear plan with an understanding of the pros and cons of the different options so you can make the right decisions for you.

Estate Planning

Arranging your estate to make sure your wealth is protected for you and your family can ensure everyone is provided for in the future. We advise on inheritance tax planning, gifting within allowances, trusts including international tax planning, investments that attract business property relief and planning for care home fees.

We have experience in dealing with complex estates where second marriages, non domiciled status and charitable legacies are intended. Estate planning is not just about reducing tax. It’s about giving you peace of mind for the future, knowing you’ll have enough after retirement and your loved ones will have the financial support they need. Every family is different and every estate is unique. 


Protecting yourself, your family and your business is just as important, if not more important, as saving for your future aims. Keeping on track, mitigating financial bumps in the road during a difficult time or helping your family when they need it most could be part of the plan to give you peace of mind.

For Individuals

— Life Insurance - both level cover and policies that decrease with mortgages
— Critical Illness Cover
— Income Protection
— Gift Inter Vivos Policies - for covering gifts against inheritance tax liability
— Whole of Life Policies

For Business Owners

— Relevant Life Policies - essentially tax efficient life insurance for directors
— Shareholder Protection
— Key Man Cover

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